Welcome to beautiful Metro
Jackson, Mississippi!

We've got everything you need for a fantastic trip to our area, including information on hotels, events, attractions and so much more! From world
renowned Ballet competitions, to art exhibitions of international caliber,
amazing outdoor adventures and the beautiful Ross Barnett Reservoir, the
Metro Jackson area is sure to have something for everyone!


Who are we?

Representing metro Jackson's growing tourism industry, MJAA brings museums,
exhibitions, festivals, performing arts,outdoor attractions, hotels, restaurants,
vendors and retailers together.

  From Historic sites to shopping, come and see what Jackson has to offer.   Wether it's seeing exotic animals or watching a live perfomance, Jackson has it all.   Jackson has plenty to offer.
So come and stay awhile.

For contact & membership information:

PO Box 68346 | Jackson, MS 39286-8346 | info@mjaams.com | www.mjaams.com